THẾ GIỚI CỦA VỢ - Wifes World (2020)

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Phim 18+ Hàn Quốc THẾ GIỚI CỦA VỢ - Wifes World (2020) Full HD
[Phim 18+ / Phim Hàn Quốc]
Yeong-jun who looks as if he is nothing to be envious of, has worries he can't speak of. "Don't worry. The doctor already told you. There's no problem... You're stressed, that's why it's like that." Mi-yeon gives courage to her husband who has not been standing for over a year... The two are getting tired and so Yeong-jun rented a cabin for his wife. There, two people meets... Mi-yeon and Cheol-jae... Coincidentally, Yeong-jun discovers a video with Mi-yeon and an older man Cheol-jae on a USB, and experienced a boost on the lower part of his body. In search of Cheol-jae, he goes to the cabin that he runs. Without knowing anything, Mi-yeon follows Yeong-jun and eventually meets Cheol-jae. Yeong-jun seeing Mi-yeon and Cheol-jae like that... Why of all things does he have to let these two people meet?

Phim 18+ Hàn Quốc THẾ GIỚI CỦA VỢ - Wifes World (2020) Full HD

TỪ KHÓA : 아내의 세계 (2020), Phim 18+, Phim 18+ Hàn Quốc, Phim 18+ Âu Mỹ, Phim 18+ Hollywood, Phim 18+ Bollywood, 18+ movie, hot 18+ korea, Phim 18+ Hồng Kông, Phim 18+ Trung Quốc, Phim 18+ Nhật Bản, Phim 18+ Đài Loan, Phim 18+ Việt Nam, Phim 18+ Châu Á, Phim 18+ USA, 18+ MOVIE

Phim-Le, Phim-18
pp_1814297_Lee Soo, pp_1416999_Si Woo, pp_1894501_Jo Wan-jin
pp_2492261_Wang Ji-bang
70 phút
Vietsub Full HD

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